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Contract Staffing can save you time & money

Few management initiatives yield the gain associated with hiring the right people. These are the employees who turn opportunities into increased profits. Consistently hire the right people and you build a foundation for future growth.

Our firm’s approach to finding top notch talent:

  • After planning sessions we match your strategic and tactical needs with candidates that meet your desired profiles
  • Our process includes extensive research and analysis to identify the best talent available to fit your needs

Justification for Utilizing Becker Contract Staffing Services:

  • Staffing a special project
  • Need to ramp up staff quickly
  • Have employees out on vacation or sick leave
  • Minimize Over-Time
  • Hiring talent across a broad geography
  • Have seasonal projects or fluctuating production needs
  • Try the candidate out first before hiring full time—Contract/Temp to Perm

Some benefits to you include:

  • Increased productivity & no down time during busy times
  • Full time staff is maintained at an optimum and peaks are met with contract/temporary personnel
  • Drive down overtime costs
  • No additional workers’ compensation or unemployment costs
  • Reduced layoffs & liabilities during down times
  • We guarantee your satisfaction

Becker takes great pride in providing continuous value to our clients & our experienced recruiters will service you across all aspects of delivering the right Contract employee the first time.

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Phone Interview Tips #1-5!

Introducing our weekly interview tips!

At Becker Technical Staffing, we are with you every step of the way. We want to provide you with the best advice possible… so that you can secure the best job possible.

Phone tips for the interview…

  1. Have the job description in front of you.
  2. When talking about career, life, experience, always accentuate the positive.
  3. Sit in a quiet area, i.e. put the dog out and keep the kids quiet. This will keep you from getting distracted.
  4. Remember to pause so they can speak, you may be on a speaker. While you are talking you can’t’ hear them, so pause.
  5. Speak slowly; anxious people can talk too fast.

Stay tuned for more helpful advice!

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Please welcome BeckerTek to…well, blogging!

With 20+ years of combined industry experience, we’ve decided to share our take on all things job-related. We hope to provide industry leading insight into interviewing, salary negotiation and getting your dream job. We also hope to address individual concerns and questions. Whether you have positions that need to be filled with top talent or are in need of a career change, we’re here for you.

Stay tuned for the President/CEO Renee Becker’s opening remarks!

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