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4 tips to help your career…over the next 40 years

4 things to help your career…

Here is some interesting advice on how to help your career … what are your thoughts?

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What makes our placement process different?

Direct Hire Staffing Needs

 Effective placement is never an accident, but occurs when the candidate and the company meet each other’s needs. Our recruiters ask the right questions and then listen carefully to the answers. Becker Technical Staffing takes pride in its reputation for precision placements for both the candidates and the client companies we serve.

Our approach to finding top-notch talent:

  • After planning sessions we match our targeted talent acquisition process to fit your hiring process.
  • We will then: assess, identify and recruit candidates that meet your desired profiles.
  • Our process goes far beyond most, as we gather in-depth market study and analysis, which includes: information about companies competing for the same talent, geographic specific restrictions and other information concerning your specific acquisition market.
  • While our team provides a “boutique feel” with a personal touch, we have the resources you would expect from a nationwide corporation

Some terms and conditions:

  • All work done on a strictly confidential basis.
  • Contingent searches are paid for after the successful candidate(s) start working for you.
  • Fees are a % of your new employee’s total first year compensation
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Phone interview tips #6-10!

Happy Wednesday ! Here are a few more tips to help with the phone interview process. Best of luck!

6. Listen! Be interested in what the interviewer is saying.

7. Do not interrupt them; let them finish asking a question before you begin to answer.

8. Never ramble. It’s easy to do on the phone because you can’t see their face.

9. Review website thoroughly before the interview. Have a comment or two about the website(only positive)

10. Remember to mention any specific industry experience you may have from previous jobs.

Have any specific questions about the interviewing process ? Let us know !

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“There are few, if any, jobs in which ability alone is sufficient. Needed, also, are loyalty, sincerity, enthusiasm and team play.” –William B. Given, Jr.


“There are few, if any, …