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Quick Interview Tips #11-16!

11. Send a thank you letter via email to your recruiter, not directly to the interviewer/client.  Your recruiter will forward to the interviewer/client.
12. Be aware of your language.  Avoid vocal filters such as “like”, “um”, “you know”.
13. Answer questions within 60 seconds or your will lose your listener, don’t ramble.
14. Make sure that you show interest in and enthusiasm for working for the employer.
15. Be prepared, but don’t sound rehearsed.
16. Expect to hear, “tell me about yourself”.


Check back for more tips next week!

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How to Establish Yourself in the Office

How to Establish Yourself in the Office

Great article for new hires!

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Quick Interview tips #6-10!

6. Don’t let your guard down.  No matter how friendly the interviewer is, you must always remember that he/she is not your friend.
7. Answer the interviewer’s questions in a direct and concise manner.
8. Have questions prepared, even questions about company culture, environment, work schedule, etc. 
9. Wear your best suit.
10. Maintain direct eye contact with the interviewer; this will show that you are confident in your abilities and that you have nothing to hide.

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Quick Interview Tips #1-5

Welcome to the beginning of our segment on quick interview tips. These tips are good to have and can help you in any kind of interview situation !!
  1.  Identify your accomplishments before you go on an interview
  2. Understand the job’s description and be prepared to recall specific actions and behaviors that address the required skills.
  3. Don’t make vague proclamations of your skills.  Small but telling actions and behaviors are more important than grandiose but unsubstantiated claims of job success.
  4. Determine which of your skills, traits or experiences the employer needs.
  5. If faced with negative questions, look for a positive spin.
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How can Beckertek help you?

At Becker Staffing, we evaluate the history, capabilities, needs and objectives of each individual through extensive interviews. This helps to assure good results for both our candidates and our clients. Our ability to identify the best candidates and to follow up effectively also contributes to our high rate of success. Most of all, our relationships are based on mutual respect, complete confidentiality and the utmost in professionalism.

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Final tips for the live interview!



  • You will need these cards for follow-up thank you notes.


  • “I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen here today.  I have enjoyed learning about your company and its products or services.  I’m confident I could do an excellent job in the position”.
  • “I am very interested in the opportunity that you have outlined in this interview.  What are the next steps in the interviewing/hiring process for me”?
  • “I would really enjoy working with you and your company.  How soon would you want me to start working on your team?”

If you are not interested in the position or don’t think the interview went well then don’t let your feelings show.  Often other positions become available that might be of interest to you and by leaving a positive impression you may be considered by them in the future.

Occasionally an interviewer, who is genuinely interested in you, may seem to discourage you as a way of testing your reaction.  If you reach for the job it shows your true desire.  If you don’t chase after the position, it may indicate a lower level of interest.

Thank the interviewer for his/her time and consideration

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Tips for the Live Interview #5-6


  • Men should wear a dark business suit, white shirt, conservative tie and polished black shoes.
  • Women should wear a dress with jacket or professional pantsuit.



  • Make good eye contact with your interviewer
  • Maintain a consistent positive attitude through your interview
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Tips for the live interview #3-4

Have any interviews coming up? Here are a few more tips on how to prepare for the live interview.


 4.    BRING EXTRA COPIES OF YOUR RESUME (Confer with your Becker Recruiter as we may have fixed spelling or grammar)

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Phone Interview Tips #11-15!

Phone interviews can be challenging. Here is more advice on how to conquer them!

11. Answer questions by relating to the position you seek. Present your attributes in a manner that demonstrates the benefits of your abilities. In other words show your interviewer what you can do for them.Mention specific accomplishments that show your abilities and determination to succeed in this job.

12.  Always ask them if you have answered their question. You can’t see their face in a phone interview.

13. Keep personal information to a minimum.

14. If you don’t understand a question, ask for it to be repeated.  Better to ask, than to answer the question incorrectly.

15. If you can’t answer a question, don’t just say “no”. Say “no, however I have done something similar at…”

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Phone interview tips #6-10!

Happy Wednesday ! Here are a few more tips to help with the phone interview process. Best of luck!

6. Listen! Be interested in what the interviewer is saying.

7. Do not interrupt them; let them finish asking a question before you begin to answer.

8. Never ramble. It’s easy to do on the phone because you can’t see their face.

9. Review website thoroughly before the interview. Have a comment or two about the website(only positive)

10. Remember to mention any specific industry experience you may have from previous jobs.

Have any specific questions about the interviewing process ? Let us know !

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